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Welcome to the Box Office Report, where Hugh Jackman is always starring uncomfortably at the kale stuck to the side of your face after dinner. And he never has the courtesy to tell you about it, either. 

1. Prisoners (Warner): $21.4 million in 3,260 theaters

The Jake Gyllenhaal and Jackman slash fic thriller won the weekend thanks to great reviews (like this one from our Richard Lawson) and old people. If you're still wondering whether or not Prisoners is worth a trip to the theater, the somehow Oscar-less Roger Deakins did the film's cinematography. It's a movie that should be seen on the biggest, best screen possible. 

2. Insidious: Chapter 2 (Filmdistrict): $14.5 million in 3,155 theaters [Week 2]

Remember what The Box Office Report said last week about a third Insidious? Yeah, this came out on Monday. This is a facts only zone. 

3. The Family (Relativity): $7 million in 3,091 theaters [Week 2]

4. Instructions Not Included (Lionsgate): $5.7 million in 978 theaters [Week 4]

This is the lil' movie that could:

It makes my heart swell every time Instructions Not Included makes so much money with next to no promotion and no screen support. 

5. Battle of the Year (Screen Gems): $5 million in 2,008 theaters

Another dancing movie failed? Good. This particular dancing movie has Chris Brown in it? Even better. Battle of the Year was supposed to be Brown's glorious return to dance movies after a brief career playing tough guys in crime flicks and something in that Steve Harvey movie. Brown hasn't danced on screen since 2007's Stomp the Yard, a genre classic. (No thanks to Brown, though.)

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