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Today in showbiz news: The world's biggest boy band is releasing another record, Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston switch places, and big news for The Fault In Our Stars fans.

If you noticed a pack of middle school girls running down your street, mouths frothing, eyes wide and crazed, screaming like banshees as they tore across the land, don't worry. It's not zombie time. We're safe for another day. All it is is that One Direction has announced their new album. It is called Midnight Memories, a very funny title for an album by a bunch of small children, and they it will be coming out on November 25. Band member Liam Payne says this new album goes in a "very rock direction," which should be silly. The whole thing will be silly. Midnight Memories. Right. OK. Said the 4-year-old. All those midnight memories these boys, all of 12, have. Very funny, fellas. Very funny indeed. But they should be careful. This is their third album. 'N Sync only got three albums before they went bye bye bye. And Backstreet Boys got four. The end could be near, lads. [Entertainment Weekly]

Haha, this is funny. Benedict Cumberbatch had to drop out of Guillermo del Toro's next movie, the haunted house movie Crimson Peak, so who'd they get to replace him? Tom Hiddleston. Ha! "Cumberbatch can't do it? All right, get the other one. Y'know, the other one. Who isn't Cumberbatch but basically is. See if he's free." And they did and he was and now Tom Hiddleston is in the movie. Very funny. And they're friends in real life! It's all perfect. Very good, movies. Very good indeed. [Deadline]

Willem Dafoe has been cast in a key role in the big adaptation of the YA sensation The Fault In Our Stars. He'll be playing Augustus. Yeah the other kid, Ansel Eggbert or whatever his name is, had to drop out, so they offered it to Willem Dafoe. He's handsome, a good actor. It's a slightly odd choice, but I'm sure he'll make it work. Haha, just kidding, no, he is playing Peter Van Houten of course. Come on. Ansel Eggbert is still in the movie. Everything's fine. Calm down, everyone. Everything is OK. [Entertainment Weekly]

Man, it is just a big day for YA. It was announced today that tickets for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, the second movie in the big franchise about kids murdering each other, will go on sale on October 1. The movie does not come out until November 22. So basically people will be buying their tickets almost two months in advance. Crazy people. Teen people? I don't know. I feel like the real die-hard fans of Hunger Games are a little older now. The first book came out five years ago, after all. So they could be in their early 20s! Or even older! How scary. Anyway, people will be buying tickets for this movie in 25 days even though the movie doesn't come out for like 78 days, because people are crazy. Or devoted. Really, what's the difference? [Deadline]

Holly Hunter has signed on to star opposite Al Pacino in David Gordon Green's next movie. Chris Messina and, oddly enough, Harmony Korine are also in the film, which is about "an eccentric man coming to terms with a past crime that cost him the love of his life." It'd be great if Harmony Korine was the love of his life, but I'm pretty sure it's going to be Holly Hunter. The name of the movie? Manglehorn. Oh dear. That's unfortunate. What was that pitch like? "OK, so, it's David Gordon Green." "I like it, I like it." "With Al Pacino." "You're speaking my language." "And Holly Hunter." "This is sounding like a winner." "And it's called..." "Lay it on me." "Manglehorn." "Get out of my office." That's a very bad name, is what I am saying! A very bad name. But other than that, I'm sold. [The Hollywood Reporter]

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