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Today in showbiz news: Homeland was a ratings winner last night too, Cruella de Vil is getting her own movie, and Audrina Patridge returns from obscurity.

We almost forgot! Homeland was on last night too, at the same time as the Breaking Bad finale even. And it did pretty well! It attracted 2.6 million viewers over two broadcasts last night, its best premiere ratings yet. That number will undoubtedly get bigger when DVR and On Demand viewings are factored in. So Homeland is a hit. Though it still maybe would have been better for the show, buzz-wise, to wait a week to premiere. But how could Showtime have known when they scheduled this season that Breaking Bad would become the bonkers phenomenon that it did? Who saw that coming, besides everyone who wrote about the show for years? Oh well. Now it doesn't have any competition. It's clear sailing for Dana and the gang. But mostly for Dana, the show's most important character. [Entertainment Weekly]

Disney is pretty into doing live-action adaptations of its old animated properties these days. They've got Cinderella and Maleficent on the way, and now they've hired Cinderella's screenwriter to pen Cruella. As in Cruella de Vil. Which... Didn't we just have Glenn Close doing that? Do we need another one? Are there no new ideas? Don't answer that. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Audrina Patridge from The Hills has, rather improbably, landed a job. In this economy! She'll be the host of NBC's 1st Look, the show that airs in the middle of the night on Saturdays on ten channels around the country and sometimes in the back of taxis. So she will not be easy to find, but she will be on TV, somewhere... Patridge says she's excited because "It's one of my dream jobs because I love doing different adventures." She loves doing different adventures. Some people love doing the same adventure, over and over again. But she likes doing different adventures. That's just who Audrina Patridge is. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Tate Taylor, who directed The Help, is reteaming with actresses Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer to make a James Brown biopic. Unfortunately this isn't some amazing I'm Not There-type thing with Viola Davis playing Dylan. She's going to play his mother, while Octavia Spencer is his aunt. Oh well. [The Hollywood Reporter]

The guy who directed the wildly successful Hatfields & McCoys miniseries on the History channel will be directing a movie about the resurrection. As in, of Jesus. Jesus Christ from olden times. The plan is to release the movie around Easter 2015. Makes sense. Hatfields & McCoys did well, and so did that Bible miniseries, so this combines those two things, in a way. Should be a runaway boffo smash. Plus zombies are all the rage these days! [The Wrap]

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