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Justin Bieber posted a picture on Instagram Friday night of himself mugging with a script for the new Warner Brothers Man of Steel sequel, with the caption, "#robin ??" And with that, all your nightmares were coming true at once. But hold on: things aren't as bad as they appear, we promise. 

The internet nearly shut down at the prospect of Canada's clown prince playing Batman's sidekick opposite Ben Affleck's Batman in the new Warner Bros./DC Comics movie. The script seems to check out on first glance, too. It's got the logo debuted at Comic Con at the top, the working title of Batman vs. Superman, the appropriate writing credits, and the Warner legal script at the bottom. The script claims to draw inspiration from a chapter of Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns, from which Man of Steel star Harry Lennix read a passage at Comic Con. The trap was set for fanboys to fall into a blind rage at the possibility of a Bieber-Affleck partnership.

When you look at the pop star's full Friday of social media activity the Bieber with Batman casting news is immediately exposed as something too good to be true. Earlier in the day, Beiber mentioned a project with Funny or Die, the comedy website started by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, on his Twitter account.

It shouldn't take a nuclear physicist to connect the dots here. 

The trades aren't exactly biting, either. Variety and The Hollywood Reporter are both cautious in their reports. They don't think the Instagram is real, and point to the Funny or Die tweet, despite the remarkable attention to detail given to the "(presumably) fake script," as THR puts it.  You can stop breathing into a paper bag now. 

Meanwhile, in the realm of things that are actually happening, Bieber also uploaded a picture of himself hanging out with pound for pound boxing king Floyd Mayweather Jr. ahead of his hotly-anticipated Saturday night showdown with the unbeaten 23-year-old Mexican champion, Saul "Canelo" Alvarez. 

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