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We've all known for a while now that young people are watching more television shows on their computers and iPads, but Nielsen is just now catching up. Starting next fall, after a lot of "extensive behind-the-scenes work," the company will factor in some phone and tablet viewing into its calculations, reports The New York Times

The networks are probably pleased with themselves, as they've been bugging, even "pleading" with Nielsen to step into 2013 with the rest of us. Even Eric Solomon, Nielsen's senior vice president for global audience measurement, told Variety the addition on new platforms will “start changing the narrative that people are not watching TV shows. It’s that they’re watching on different platforms.” Um, that is not a narrative that anyone believes. We know where all the viewers went. If people are watching Vampire Diaries on the iPads they got for their 14th birthdays, then the CW wants advertisers to know. They want credit where credit is due, and they'll finally get it now that Grandpa Nielsen has clued himself in.

Unfortunately for networks, while next year's new and improved Nielsen ratings will give us a clearer idea of whose watching and streaming TV with ads, it won't include Netflix, Hulu, or all the pirated episodes of Game of Thrones.

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