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With Diana labeled a flop in England, our attention turns to the second of two historical princess movies due out this fall: Grace of Monaco starring Nicole Kidman. But why does the trailer show us everything but Kidman?

The teaser for Olivier Dahan's film mostly focuses on the opulence of Monaco—a chandelier here, a vista there—with only glimpses of Grace. So that doesn't really give us a great sense of what kind of performance Kidman is going to give, and whether or not she has a place in this year's Oscar race. In fact, we only see her up close in two fleeting shots at the end of the trailer, looking like a Grace of Monaco Barbie, frozen face and all.

The whole thing features a heavy-handed voiceover, in which an unknown man coos to Grace: "You are the fairytale, the serenity to which we all aspire." It's not the dubbing that's going to get us to buy tickets, it's Grace, stupid. Apparently, just like a horror movie never shows you the werewolf in the trailer, they're saving what we really want to see for after we shell out our $14.

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