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Netflix is overreacting to spoilers. The streaming service has created the "Spoiler Foiler," Alex Stedman of Variety reports, a tool you can use to make sure you're avoiding any Breaking Bad spoilers on Twitter. You could also, you know, step away from Twitter for a sec, but that's probably too much to ask. 

The Spoiler Foiler, which at this point only works for Breaking Bad, simply provides a version of a Twitter timeline with certain tweets that may—or in certain cases may not—contain references to the show. It makes sense that Netflix would do this for Breaking Bad, after all Vince Gilligan told reporters after the show won the Emmy that he thinks "Netflix kept us on the air."

Here's one example of just what the tool blocks out. The following...

...was revealed to be: 

But sometimes it can be a little overzealous. This tweet...

...was actually completely unrelated: 

Though we, perhaps, are fairly blasé about spoilers, this takes spoiler-phobia to the next level. If you're really that concerned about someone ruining the show for you a) make time to watch it when it premieres b) stay away from following people on Twitter who may spoil it for you. It's really that simple.

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