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Are we done talking about Miley Cyrus? Apparently not, because MTV has released the trailer for their documentary "Miley: The Movement." The timely trailer assumes that you'll tune in to see if you can get some insight into her now infamous bear twerking performance, while Cyrus herself tries to prove that she "was, like, born to become who I am, like, right now." (Note that despite the change in image, Cyrus still sounds exactly like Vanessa Bayer's spot on SNL impression of her.)

We're not expecting great insight from this thing, but it's sure to get attention—like basically anything else Cyrus does these days—especially because it's edited so she talks specifically about the VMAs. She even says, "I'd rather have people talk about me for two weeks rather than two minutes." Well, Miley, mission accomplished. Get ready for a whole lot of her in early October. This documentary premiere's on October 2 and she hosts SNL October 5. Maybe then we can answer the question what exactly this "movement" is.

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