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Welcome to the Box Office Report, where Patrick Wilson really needed that new house in Montauk for next summer. 

1. Insidious: Chapter 2 (Filmdistrict): $41 million in 3,049 theaters

The first Insidious was one of the better reviewed horror movies of 2011 so that the studio optioned a sequel makes sense. It also made $54 million domestically (and $45 million globally) on a $1.5 budget. So, yes, this sequel was inevitable. And, with a $5 million price tag and a whopping $40 million opening weekend take -- meaning $100 million globally is in reach -- you know a third one is coming. Book it now. Insidious: Chapter 3 (aka the Wilson family summer home in Aruba) will hit theaters near you in 2015, or 2016, or whenever they want it. 

Plus, this week had Friday the 13th and horror movies always do well around this time of year. It's an annual tradition. 

2. The Family (Relativity): $14.5 million in 3,091 theaters

Not one of Robert de Niro's finer moments but he's old and close to retirement. It's OK, he's allowed to mail these performances in. It's better than another movie with 50 Cent, at least.

3. Riddick (Universal): $7 million in 3,117 theaters [Week 2]

Vin Diesel is going to star in a movie with Kurt Russell and life will never be better than the day that movie is released. Wars will end. Rivers will flow where they previously did not. Fields will become fertile where they were once barren.

4. Lee Daniels's The Butler (Weinstein Company): $5.6 million in 3,239 theaters [Week 5]

Having Forest Whitaker back in big, important movies feels nice, doesn't it? Here, he's in easily his biggest role since he won the Oscar for 2006's The Last King of Scotland. And it's a big, successful $100 million movie that will quietly contend during awards season. Hopefully he'll avoid the two dollar crime movies where he's been toiling away (and on TV, I guess) from here on out. 

5. We're the Millers (Warner): $5.4 million in 3,238 theaters [Week 6]

At this point We're the Millers' continued success is just impressive. Who guessed this little movie would take home over $130 million domestically? No one, that's who. 

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