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The verdict's still out as to whether Agents of SHIELD (no periods) is going to be the big success Marvel, Disney, and ABC (really just one big conglomerate) hope it will be, but that hasn't stopped the comic giant from planning it's next move on TV: this time with a female character front and center. 

According to Deadline's Nellie Andreeva, Marvel is reportedly developing a TV series inspired by their short film Agent Carter (which will be released with the Iron Man 3 DVD), following Captain America's girlfriend Peggy Carter, a secret agent. Carter, played by Hayley Atwell in the first Captain America film and in the short, though at this point it's still too early to know whether she'd reprise the role if a TV series goes forward. 

The trick for any of these television projects is that they are going to have to be compelling to viewers for reasons beyond simply the name "Marvel." Whereas SHIELD, at least in its marketing and pilot, is closely tied to The Avengers, an Agent Carter series would seem like it would have plenty of potential to stand on its own, especially given the fact that it would likely be a period piece set in the '40s. Not to mention, as Andreeva points out, a spy show with a strong woman at the forefront would be a good fit for ABC, which touted its "empowered women" at its upfront this past May. And it might give all the fanboys and girls sick of the dearth of female comic book movies a much needed outlet.

Here's a clip from the one-shot to give you a taste of what Carter could look like.

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