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Here's the good news: Mad Men will be on your TV for a year more than you thought it would be. Here's the bad news: that doesn't mean you'll get more episodes.

Meredith Blake of the Los Angeles Times reported that AMC will split the seventh and final season of Mad Men in two, running seven episodes in spring 2014 and seven episodes in spring 2015. The first half of the season will be called "The Beginning" and the second will be called "The End of an Era." Hmm, two sets of episodes with a year between them and on different themes. Do you know what that's called? Two god-damned seasons! Not really the one more creator Matthew Weiner had envisioned

Following the success of this model for Breaking Bad, this seems to be AMC's M.O., and we understand why they are doing it. The ratings for the second half of Breaking Bad prove that you can build and audience in that interim period, and with Breaking Bad gone they are going to want to hold on to one more of their acclaimed shows. 

And that's fine, we'll wait. We'll wait as long and hard as we possibly must for AMC to dole out episodes of Mad Men. Fine, just don't call it one season. We know what you're doing, so let's all just call it like it is, shall we?

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