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All those lucky Brits (and fans of BitTorrenting TV shows) are getting ready for the premiere of season four of Downton Abbey this Sunday. They're going to get to see Lady Mary at her moping, snarling worst.

I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I hate Lady Mary. She's just so pretty and smug and narcissistic and demands that everyone around her worship her at all times even while she's casting aspersions and throwing out verbal shrapnel like a grenade lobbed into a scrap metal factory.

The new season takes up six months after her husband Matthew was killed in a car wreck (spoiler alert!) and all she can manage to do is wear black, sit in her room, and throw shade. Sure losing a spouse is traumatic, but can't we see her do angst without baring her teeth. After all, we already have one member of the Crawley family to hurl barbs and she's much better at it.


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