Kim Kardashian's Big Move

Today in celebrity gossip: Kim Kardashian makes a big change in her staff, Britney Spears is making a fortune in Las Vegas, and Michael Douglas shacks up with George Soros.

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Though she's built a big, successful brand on her last name, reality entity Kim Kardashian is looking to distance herself from the rest of her family, PR-wise anyway. She has parted ways with her longtime publicist at PMK*BNC, who represents the rest of her famous-ish family, and hired someone at Slate PR. The new team represents a kinda classier version of celebrity, so it seems like Kim Kardashian is maybe trying to go a little up-market? A Page Six source posits that this is all at the behest, or at least counsel, of one Kanyeezus West, who has been whispering in Kim's ear about her career since they first began their relationship, three thousand years ago. So now, presumably for the first time ever, Kim Kardashian has a different publicist than the rest of her family. How will that affect unity? I remember that when my family had its publicist troubles it was really taxing. Really took a toll. I honestly think the only thing that kept me and my family together was that we still had the same makeup artist. Had it not been for Cheryl-Ann, I don't know that we'd even be speaking now. So, good luck to you, Kim. It's a big change, I hope it goes smoothly. [Page Six]

Sweet, noble Patrick Wilson has taken it upon himself to defend Katherine Heigl, who has been getting a working over in the press of late, called difficult to work with and other such accusations of bad character. Wilson, who stars with her in some comedy movie that's coming out at some point, says that she wasn't difficult to work with in the slightest: "She showed up, worked her tail off, super funny, super gracious, great to the cast, great to the crew, and was a total pro." Hm. I see. Patrick, is she in the room with you? Make a sound of some kind if she's in the room with you. Has she threatened your family? Is there a gun? Patrick, is there a gun? What does she have on you? Did she find something in your computer? Did she follow you to the seedy part of town and take photographs of you that night? What is it, Patrick? What is making you say these things, these things about Katherine Heigl being a courteous and gracious professional? It must be something, because why else would someone as decent and good-faced as Patrick Wilson tell us such obvious untruths. Patrick, make a coughing sound. If she's there with you, make a coughing sound. Help is on its way. You'll be OK. You'll be OK. Everything is going to be OK. [Us Weekly]

Britney Spears is going to make a lot of money in Las Vegas. For every show she performs at Planet Hollywood next year — she's scheduled to do 48 — she will earn $310,000 dollars. So basically Britney Spears will be making $310,000 a week for singing her old songs in Las Vegas for two years. That's about $15 million per annum. Good for her. Right? Someone's paying me that kinda scratch to lip-synch for two hours a week, I'm taking it. Now that I've switched away from the family publicist, maybe I can make that happen. Who knows. The point is, Britney Spears is about to be even richer than she already is, which is pretty rich. But not as rich as Celine Dion. No, that current queen of Las Vegas has Britney beat. Dion, who does 70 shows a year, makes a whopping $476,000 per performance. Half a million a night. More than $33 million a year. That's more than I make in a week! Unbelievable. Let's all get Vegas shows, guys. It seems like a pretty good gig. [TMZ]

While Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are split up, which may be a temporary condition or a permanent one, nobody knows, Douglas is staying with a friend. That friend? Mysterious billionaire and political puppeteer George Soros. Sure. Fine. Who do you stay with when you're on the outs with your boo? Your friend Doug? Your sister Carol? Well George Soros is Michael Douglas's Doug, his Carol. He went to Soros's Bedford, NY home and has been staying there. It's just a 68-year-old movie star and an 83-year-old billionaire living together under one roof. They're filming a pilot for TV Land I believe. Though, Soros is getting married next week, which sort of throws a wrench in the whole bachelor pad plans. But for now, for this week, it'll be great. They're gonna eat breakfast for dinner and burp and fart and pee in the sink and watch porno tapes and smoke cigars to their hearts' content! Enjoy it, boys! You've earned it in some ways I guess. [Page Six]

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