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Kanye West gave an interview to the BBC recently, in which he called himself "the number one rock star on the planet." This interview, like many Kanye interviews, was full of quotes that attempt to exist entirely in the language of the iconic. Speaking to the BBC, West compared himself favorably to Michael Jackson, for instance. This provocative, branded, way of speaking also invites parody. Jimmy Kimmel RSVP'd to that invitation this time around with a segment in which two children re-created segments of the interview, word-for-word: 

Apparently, West saw that segment on Thursday, and was not happy. He tweeted his response: 

(That's a reference to this sketch, we guess? At least Kanye is familiar with Kimmel's work) 

He even brings up Kimmel's ex-girlfriend: 

And figured out how to make macros: 


Kimmel has promised the internet that the rant is genuine, and that the talk show host is not tricking bloggers into covering something amazing/awful again

He'd better be right. Especially now that Josh Groban has offered to help: 

 Plus, we're not sure, in a post-horse ebooks world, that the internet will handle it very well if this sort of rage is just manufactured:

Update: Here is Kimmel's response. 

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