Justin Bieber Flies So High

Today in celebrity gossip: Justin Bieber was stoned on a private jet, the Entourage movie is delayed, and Prince George has his nanny.

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Today in celebrity gossip: Justin Bieber was stoned on a private jet, the Entourage movie is delayed, and Prince George has his nanny.

Canadian pop chanteuse Justin Bieber has done many a thing that's actually bad, like reckless driving and peeing in people's mop buckets and getting in fights wherein he — he! Justin Bieber! — calls people "little bitch" and other such nonsense. So it's at the point where he does something not actually that bad and everyone makes a big deal out of it anyway. The most recent example is this: the pilot of a private jet that Bieber and his pals took at some point, I'm assuming fairly recently, says that the pals rolled up on the tarmac and when the car door opened, weed smoke came billowing out. Bieber was hella blazed for the whole flight and some of his friends even sparked up blunts on the plane. So whatever, that's not shocking news. Breaking: Teen boy gets stoned. Pfft. It's not worth talking about. But! There is one detail in this tale that I think does shine a light on something sad and interesting. Here's TMZ talking about this incident:

The pilot says Justin was "baked out of his mind" on the flight ... so much so his head spun when he was asked to sign a credit card authorization, saying "huh, what? Who am I signing this for?'"

Sigh. "Who am I signing this for?" This kid has had so many things shoved in front of him, papers and photos and whatever else, that he probably spends most of his day signing various things. But it's good that he asked! At least he had the smarts to ask what he was signing. I'm sure there have been times when he's unquestioningly signed things that he wishes he hadn't, that he wishes he'd asked about. Various contracts, I've no doubt. Things obligating him to do things he didn't want to do. The terrible day in Ajman, meeting with that sheik's lecherous son, the leering oil prince making Justin "dance sexy" while he stroked his ocelot and ate dates. The Bieber-brand sanitary napkins that they sell in Romania. The thing with Karl Lagerfeld in the catacombs of Paris that need never be spoken of again. All of these things Bieber shouldn't have done, but he had to, because he signed something without reading it or asking about it. This young kid. Now, legally, able to sign such things without that mother of his intervening. (And even before, would she have said no? "It's just one little dance, Justin. He's a sheik. Do you know what that means?") But now, even when fried out of his gourd, he at least asked. Who am I signing this for. What are you asking me to do, to give away. What part of myself are you offering up at market, for barter, for trade, for sale. At least he's become that wise in his strange, sad existence. At least there's that. [TMZ]

Hey, make sure Doug and Brad and Kowalski are out of the room. Tell them to go play Xbox or smoke a cigar or buy some Patron or something. Because I have news that's going to make them upset, and you don't want to upset Brad and Doug and the Kow-ski. The news is this: The Entourage film is delayed. Shh, shh, don't freak out. It's still going to happen. It's just delayed. See, the cast is holding out for more money. Specifically, Jeremy Piven, Adrian Grenier, and Jerry Ferrara. Well, Piven's finally signed his contract, but those other two are still holding out. And, y'know, of course they are. Of anyone in that cast, the most in-demand actors are definitely Adrian Grenier and Jerry Ferrara. I mean you can't flip a page in a Hollywood trade without seeing something about them being courted for this or that. Both are such dynamic performers that, I'm just gonna say it, I'm wondering if Daniel Day-Lewis should start watching his back. Because Grenier and Ferrara, man. They're closing in. So it makes sense that they'd hold out for more money. Ha, I'm just kidding. They're holding out for more money to make this movie because they both know it's probably the last acting job either of them will ever get so they need to make enough scratch to live on for the rest of their lives. Condos in Redondo Beach don't pay for themselves! So they're playing hardball. And they'll get there, they will. And the movie, which was supposed to shoot this summer, will eventually get made, and everyone will be happy. OK, you can tell Doug and Brad and K-ster to come back in. Do some shots of tequila together, then put on your striped button-down shirts, your wide-leg jeans, and your black loafers and hit the bars, calling everyone "bitch" and strutting like you own the place. That's what you want to do, so do it. [Page Six]

Tradition! There is nothing the royal family of Britain likes more than tradition. The latest such example is that Jessie Webb, the nanny who cared for William and Harry as boys, has begun care of William's new son, George. Webb is known for being no-nonsense and reliable, just what any young prince needs as he's coming up in the world. I wonder what her experience with George will be. "'is father's a good lad, so 'e ought to be a good lad too. I reckon 'e'll be a thoughtful boy, like 'is father. Not like 'is uncle. Bleedin' 'ell, that one. Even as a wee boy, he was pullin' 'is pecker out and showin' it to any girl what would come round. Ah he grew up fine, just likes a shag is all. But I don't 'ave it in me to raise another 'arry. No sir. I'll take wee Prince George, son'a Will. That'll do me just fine. 'arry don't see none of the kids 'e's got anyway. Oh dear. I think I've said too much." [People]

Breaking: Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel kissed. A married couple kissed in public. They were at the U.S. Open, the tennis party. Us Weekly says it was a "rare PDA," this kiss between husband and wife. Both were wearing sunglasses. He had a hat. From the looks of the photo she was just kissing him on the cheek while he smiled, but it still counts. They kissed. In public. How about that. What a story. [Us Weekly]

Oh dear. Canadian actor and rapper Aubrey Graham is being sued! It seems that the designer of an owl necklace that was made specially for Graham is claiming that Graham then made cheap replicas of it for all his friends to wear. So they're suing him for copyright infringement. They first noticed the owl chain copies popping up on Graham's Instagram page. That's not good! Why would you think it's OK to just rip off someone's design like that and then put it all over the Internet? They raised you better than that in Forest Hill, Aubrey. Come on. What would Snake say. [TMZ]

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