Jeff Bauman, Boston Bombing Hero, Has a Book Deal

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You may know Jeff Bauman from one of the most arresting images in recent American history. During the Boston Marathon bombing last spring, Bauman's legs were blown off in the explosion; a photographer captured him moments later, as he was being wheeled for emergency care. He's since made strides in recovery and will now be writing about that fateful day.

"Grand Central Publishing will release Bauman's memoir in April 2014, timed with the first anniversary of the bombings," tweeted The New York Times's publishing reporter Julie Bosman. The book will be called Stronger and will be written with co-writer Bret Winter, Grand Central Publishing said in a release.

The iconic picture and the story of Bauman's help in the investigation (he gave investigators a description of the Tsarnaev brothers), as well as his subsequent rehabilitation, made the former Costco employee one of the heroic icons of the attack. Bauman is a motivational speaker now, discussing his experience of dealing with emotional trauma. 

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