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Today in show business news: We may have reached the end of an X-Men era, Tim from the original Office moves to Fargo, and Game of Thrones has a new friend.

While doing press at the San Sebastian Film Festival in Daytona Beach, no just kidding it's in Spain, Hugh Jackman said that he will probably not play Wolverine again. While he's been successful in the role, playing it approximately forty-two times in sixty-eight different movies, he said he knows that "Great parts always outgrow the actors that play them." So it'd really have to be quite something for him to consider it. If he is done, who should replace him as The Wolverine? I'm gonna go with Garrett Hedlund for some reason. But Daniel Radcliffe would work too. He's a song and dance man just like Hugh! [The Hollywood Reporter]

Martin Freeman, the little gnome from The Hobbit, has been given a role on FX's Fargo, the (second) series adaptation of Joel and Ethan Coen's brilliant, perfect 1996 film. His role will be similar-ish to William H. Macy's role in the film. Wow, from Hogwarts to Fargo. That little elf is a long way from home, which is Westeros. Good for him. [Vulture]

Jenny Bicks, of The Big C and Sex and the City and Men in Trees, has sold a pilot to ABC called Works With Jerks (great title, though would have preferred Work Is For Jerks). The show is about "an ambitious yet often misguided woman, whose role models are Hillary Clinton and Yahoo's Marissa Mayer, who realizes she may have to rethink her professional strategy when she joins a company where she must work with all male employees." That sounds interesting! What's even more interesting is that it's being written by two siblings who write for Fox's wonderful, weird, heartwarming Bob's Burgers. This could actually be a good network sitcom! [The Hollywood Reporter]

Special Topics in Calamity Physics breakout Marisha Pessl's second novel, Night Film, may not have been exactly the critical darling that her debut was (read Janet Maslin blast the hell out of it here), but that doesn't really matter. It's getting made into a movie! Which is all that counts. Glee, Big Love, and comic book writer (and playwright, but who cares about that, sigh) Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa will write the adaptation. So Pessl wins! Go suck an egg, New York Times. It's time for Hollywood. [Deadline]

Here's a new guy who's been cast on HBO's Game of Thrones. Who is he? Who knows. He's one of Daenerys's friends. You know, all those guys with Z and X names that are impossible to keep track of. We're at that point in the story now, I'm afraid. Oh well. The guy's cute at least! And that's all anyone cares about, right? Right. Carry on, show. [Entertainment Weekly]

Here's a trailer for The Nut Job, a decidedly B-grade animated kiddie movie that's notable only because it has funny people Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph doing voices. That's about it.

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