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Sunday is being called "The Greatest Night in the History of TV," what with the end of Breaking Bad and the beginning of the third season of Homeland and more. But how do you watch it all? Here's some advice. 

Considering you can only tape two shows at a time on your DVR and only by watching one of them and that Breaking Bad is 75 minutes long, finding a way to watch everything is going to be like playing a game of Jenga.

Once Upon a TimeWatch it at 8 p.m., unless you're a Simpsons or football fan. You're going to need something to calm your nerves before Breaking Bad. This silly show should do. 

Breaking Bad: You are obviously going to watch this live. Watch and proceed to freak out. Get Twitter involved. You know the drill.

The Good WifeRecord this season premiere at 9 p.m. You can watch it between 10:15 and 11 p.m. since you'll be able to fast forward through the commercials. 

HomelandWatch the encore showing of the season premiere at 11 p.m. after Breaking Bad and The Good Wife. Though not as obligatory a watch as Breaking Bad, this is the other show people will be talking about Monday morning, and you don't want to be behind.

Masters of SexAfter Homeland, if you can stay up, stay tuned for the encore of this (really good) series premiere of this show about sex researchers Masters and Johnson. It's worth it if just for the costumes. If not, you can record the midnight "encore presentation" and enjoy on Monday.

Boardwalk EmpireSave this 9 p.m. show for Monday. It will be on HBO Go by then and you are already taping Breaking Bad and The Good Wife so your DVR can't handle the strain anyway. 

RevengeDo you still watch Revenge, which airs at 9 on ABC? Why? Never mind. If you must watch this figure you'll catch it Monday morning on Hulu or ABC's website. 

Eastbound & Down and Hello Ladies: You can record Hello Ladies, the new show featuring Office creator Stephen Merchant, at 10:30 when it originally airs (and while you should be watching The Good Wife according to our scheme). Since Breaking Bad goes until 10:15, you're going to have to catch Eastbound & Down later. Sorry.

For those of you who can't figure that out, here is the schedule:

8:00 p.m.: Once Upon a Time
9:00 p.m.: Breaking Bad
10:15 p.m.: The Good Wife
11:00 p.m.: Homeland
12:00 a.m.: Masters of Sex/Bedtime

There you go. There are of course other things to watch if you must—Real Housewives of New Jersey is on for an hour at 8 p.m., ABC launches it's Betrayal at 10 p.m.—but it's going to take you about three days to watch all of Sunday night's television. Good thing it doesn't go bad.

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