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Here's how you costume Helena Bonham Carter: a big dress with a tight bustier, wisps of fabric all around, and a frizzy hair style, all of which can be varied in length and color. They all look exactly the same.

Today Deadline released a new trailer for Mike Newell's Great Expectations, which features Carter as Miss Havisham and is finally getting a stateside release this fall.The main reason to see this film is to watch Carter play the evil, loopy, stuck-in-time role of Miss Havisham, a role that she was born to play and that affords her another opportunity to wear the exact same costume she wears in every other movie. Great Expectations

The trailer doesn't give us a great look at this outfit, but it's really the whole Helena hog while still adhering to the classic image of Miss Havisham, who has been wearing the same wedding dress since her husband left her at the alter. That said, the truth of the matter is this would be a fairly standard wedding dress for Helena. The Lone Ranger

The costume for the Lone Ranger is a little more refined, but she's still got a wacky hairstyle, and, oh yeah, a gun shoe. Why was she in this movie? Oh yeah, we don't remember either. Les Misérables

Berries in hair? Check. Even though she's supposed to be playing an inn keeper in the 19th Century she looks like she was flown in from Wonderland. Alice in Wonderland

Yes, she was digitally manipulated, but still. the Harry Potter series

She probably just had this in her closet. Sweeney Todd

Remarkably this one's a little subdued. Fight Club

We can't even rule this one out.


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