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There is a reason we call them stars, and now one crazy reality show is going to have some celebrities battle to see who gets a shuttle ride into space. That's better than winning Survivor!

Sadly, it's not an American show, so the celebrities won't be like Kristin Cavallari, Edie McClurg, Brian Dunkleman, and Lance Bass (wait, didn't he already go to space?). According to The Hollywood Reporter, it's going to be a Dutch show produced by Nederland 1 and will feature celebs competing in space training challenges, and the one who doesn't have the right stuff will be sent home each week. One lucky famous flying Dutchman will get at trip on a shuttle into space. The journey will be carried out by Space Expedition Corporation, a Dutch company that will start flying civilians into space next year.

The program will be sold by Sony to international audiences as Milky Way Mission. The original title was Dancing with the Stars, until they realized that's taken, but Milky Way Mission is perfect title for American, because it already has a corporate sponsor built in. Channels will have a chance to buy it at MIPCOM something you know nothing about because you are not in the Television Industry. And you don't need to know about it. What you do need to know is that there is going to be a reality show about space and we may not see it in America. America! We are the first in both moon landings and Kardashians and we've been beaten to the space reality show punch by the Dutch! The Dutch! Sic transit gloria America!

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