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Dave Chappelle is not going to forget about his clash with an audience in Hartford, Connecticut anytime soon. Performing in Chicago on Tuesday, about what he referred to as a "nasty spill," Chappelle added that "if North Korea ever drops a nuclear bomb on this country, I swear to God, I hope it lands in Hartford, Connecticut," where the audiences are composed entirely of "young, white alcoholics."

"I wanted to pull a 'reverse Kramer' and call them all 'crackers' or something like that," he said.

Chappelle later analyzed the schadenfreude of the whole snafu, admitting, "You know that crowd feels lucky that they got to see me freak out. This shit's like being at a f***ing tiger show the night Siegfried and Roy got their throats bit out by the tiger ... That's why you go to the tiger show, you don't go to see someone be safe."

A portion of the comedian's set can be heard below.

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