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The UN General Assembly met this week, but all anyone cared about was whether or not President Obama and Iran's President Hassan Rouhani would shake hands. Even Chris Brown and Drake found a way to make up, and even hugged it out. "And if they can go from no-mance to bromance in just one night, why can't Obama and Rouhani stand a little hand on hand contact?" As international correspondent Jessica Williams pointed out, the world kind of needs a good handshake right now. "Have you checked in on the world lately? Newsflash, it's falling apart. Syria, Iran, Jesse Pinkman, they're all f***ed." 

Just to be clear, in this analogy, America is Drake, Iran is Chris Brown and Rihanna is Israel. "I mean, she has a right to exist and all, but she does some wacky s***," Williams said. 

Obama and Rouhani should just think of a hug or a handshake as a method of strategic biological warfare. "Lick your hand. Maybe give the other guy a cold, or some hepatitis. That's what Drake did," Williams said. "I mean, I hope so. I hope he didn't just hug Chris Brown for no reason." We have a feeling someone as emotional as Drake has it in him to forgive. The U.S. and Iran though? That's another story.


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