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Anthony Weiner's bid for mayor of New York has gone from a redemption tour to an attempt to insult half the city. To see how Weiner has been campaigning in — or rather, alienating — various communities, Jon Stewart checked in with his correspondents in the field. "I can't quite describe what I just saw, so I took a picture on my phone," said Jessica Williams, reporting from Harlem. "I guess he's trying to appeal to the black vote, but we haven't dressed like that since, um, never. We have never dressed like that in the history of time. Unless we're the Harlem Globetrotters and we're visiting Scooby Doo in a very special episode."

Al Madrigal, on the other hand, said Hispanics were flattered by Weiner's Carlos Danger persona (he could just as easily have gone with Seamus McDanger, after all). Madrigal even said he might vote for Weiner, at least until he got a mass text from the Weiner campaign. "Some sort of weird Speedy Gonzalez dick pic?" Stewart asked. "We do not put sombreros on our penises," Madrigal pointed out, "although it would help protect it from the sun."

And as far as actual slights against communities go, Weiner's run-in at a bakery a few days ago takes the cake. A recent video showed Weiner accosting a man, yelling "You know who judges me? You know who judges me?" Stewart ventured a guess. "The voters of New York City?" But as a later video revealed, the man had said something bigoted about Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin, making Weiner's outburst understandable. And if one Weiner episode was justified, what if they all were?

"What if, at the West Indian parade for instance, he just didn't realize that his microphone had been set to Jamaican accent autotune?" Stewart said. And maybe, when he sent Sydney Leathers a text saying he would "f*** you so hard your tits almost hit you in the face," maybe she had something on her face, Stewart added. "Nah," he said, "he's just a guy with self control issues who never should have run for mayor."

(Screenshots via The Daily Show/Comedy Central.)


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