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While Jon Stewart covered the ongoing battle between gun rights activists and people in favor of reasonable gun control laws, Al Madrigal headed down south to cover a different kind of turf war. Georgia and Tennessee are fighting over access to the Tennessee river and its water — Tennessee owns it, Georgia wants in.

"The south is known for its hospitality, so you can imagine that when Georgia asked Tennessee for a little drinking water, that the volunteer state would be more than happy to help," Madrigal said in a voice over, only to be proven wrong instantly. The exact response, from Tennessee State Rep. Jason Powell, was more like "Georgia can keep its greedy hands off of our land, and its thirsty mouths away from our water." Way harsh, Tennessee.

Georgia representatives, meanwhile, are concerned about the state's dire water region. "Is that why Honey Boo Boo has to drink so many red bulls?" Madrigal asked. But it's not a laughing matter, as Madrigals interviews with various Georgians and Tennesseans revealed.

"Georgia don't need to be tryin' to come over here and take something that's not theirs," said one Tennessee woman. Madrigal prompted that they — Georgians — are people, too. "Well, I don't give a s***."

Madrigal asked this pair if they thought this turf war was similar to the Palestine-Israel conflict, with Tennessee being the Israelis. "Israelis? We ain't Jewish. This is Tennessee."

And as one man explained, people in Tennessee don't even know how to drink their beer properly. "You know what they do down there?" said one Georgian. "Butt chug." 

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