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Josh Rogin, a Newsweek Daily Beast correspondent, already was having a bad time watching Dan Nainan do stand-up on Wednesday. And then, reportedly, Nainan made things worse by punching the journalist. In the face. Rogin was livetweeting the "Funniest Celebrity in DC" at the DC Improv, where Nainan was the headliner. The journalist made a few cracks at the comedian's expense, and then things only got worse when Nainan somehow got wind of those tweets, it seems. Here are the tweets in question: 

And Rogin's very next tweet after the above pair of twitter crits:

There were witnesses:

According to Rogin, the comedian was arrested.

Nainan also appears to be the D.C. journalism world's least-favorite comedian at the moment:

Nainan tweeted this at 1:07 a.m. Thursday morning.

He then checked into his hotel on Foursquare.

Nainan, according the New York Times, bought a ton of fake Twitter followers (nearly 220,000 of them) a couple of years ago to raise his profile. Also, here's a video of a whole bunch of people, including Barack Obama, saying they like Nainan:

Dan Nainan Testimonial Reel from Dan Nainan on Vimeo.

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