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NBC has released a promotional poster for Carrie Underwood's turn as Maria in The Sound of Music, and, well, let's just say she's got nothing on Julie Andrews. 

The poster, probably intended to invoke the famous shot of Andrews twirling through the hills, actually ends up looking like an advertisement for Oktoberfest, with Underwood's eyes so photoshopped they look like golden orbs. The hills—which are obviously alive with the sound of music—are so obscured it simply looks like she's floating in the sky with oddly dismembered arms. The tagline for this endeavor is: "The beloved family classic comes alive again!" Unfortunately, the poster makes it look like it's about a giantess that comes to life and terrorizes Austria. 

In more positive news for the outing—which will be broadcast live December 5—three fabulous, Tony-winning actors have been added to the cast, Philiana Ng of The Hollywood Reporter reports. Audra McDonald, who has more Tonys than an Italian phone book, will play the Mother Abbess, and we'll be tuning in to hear her sing "Climb Ev'ry Mountain" if for no other reason. Christian Borle (of Smash fame) will play Max Detweiler, the man who actually gets those singing kids on the stage, and Laura Benanti (of TV gems Go On and The Playboy Club) will play Elsa Schrader, Captain Von Trapp's pre-Maria girlfriend. 

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