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Forget the Saul Goodman spinoff. That's the idea Bryan Cranston floated when he and the rest of the cast appeared on Conan O'Brien's show last night. How about a Breaking Bad sequel starring Baby Holly?

O'Brien was trying to weasel information about the series finale out of Aaron Paul and Cranston, who explained their stock answer has been: everyone dies. "The only one who stays alive is Holly," Cranston said. "So we have a sequel: Holly White, The Story Continues. She has a little gun." O'Brien and Andy Richter chimed in: "baby Heisenberg." Hey, we're in. It might help Baby Holly win that Emmy

The show was an all-Breaking Bad love fest, even opening with a parody featuring O'Brien driving through the desert to dig up Richter in a buried barrel. 

As cast members shared anecdotes from their experiences on the show. Anna Gunn talked about Cranston's on set pranks one of which involved a scene in bed and a can of hairspray. Cranston also read from an erotically charged fan letter  

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