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In a documentary airing on the BBC on Thursday, Brits will get to meet Brynn Larson and sisters Tess and Savannah Scherkenback, three teens who are earnest when they say they want to protect the world from sexually-transmitted demons.

Larson and Scherkenback sisters are teenage exorcists who met at karate class, and they travel all over the world to help rid people of demons. One of their recent tours took them to England, where the BBC caught up with the teens. "They believe that the UK in particular is a hotbed for "witchcraft", because of the popularity of J K Rowling's Harry Potter books," the BBC reports

Here's a tease of the documentary:

Again, these young women are not a joke. VICE ran a documentary on these girls this past August. The key takeaway at that time? "Just like you can sexually-transmitted disease, you can get a sexually-transmitted demon." 

In other words, you've been warned.

Larson is actually the daughter of Reverend Bob Larson, an exorcist with a fondness of television who says he has over 15,000 exorcisms under his belt. His daughter and her friends have often appeared with him—they aren't camera shy.

And fielding questions about Harry Potter only feeds the beast. Are they aggressively embarrassing? Yes, but more troubling than the caricature these young women present of Americans is the fact that we can't stop watching. Let's just blame our demons. 

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