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The controversial and rather racist 15th season of Big Brother wrapped last night, and the finalists finally learned that everyone thinks they're horrible bigots. Naturally all they could do was apologize. Today GinaMarie Zimmerman, Spencer Clawson, and Andy Herren did a tour of atonement this morning with Entertainment Weekly.

In case you're wondering [SPOILER ALERT] Herron won the the $500,000 prize, which is good for him because he kind of lost his job. In fact, they all kind of lost their jobs, either for saying or supporting racist comments against their housemates. Last night, on the live finale, the houseguests were finally allowed to learn that they made national headlines with what they'd been saying on the show.

This morning, as the three were processing the world's reactions to the shenanigans going on over the last 90 days, EW's InsideTV podcast gave them a chance to explain themselves and apologize about half a billion times. Sadly, Aaryn Gries, who had some of the worst comments, was not a finalist and therefore didn't get interviewed on the show. We can't wait for her defense.

Andy thinks we took some things out of context

His apology

"Sure there were things that were said that I do not condone, and that make me sad, but at the same time there were a lot of things that were taken out of context, and I don't think that people understand how high tensions can be raised when you're living in that house."

On his buddy Spencer's use of the homophobic slurs

"His comment was almost coming from a place of love for me. He was so comfortable around me that he felt like he could say it ... in my case, it did not offend me while I was in the house."

On being the first gay winner of Big Brother

"It's really incredible... and I really hope that I represented myself well and represented gay men all across America well. A lot has happened for the gay community while I was in the house and I hope my win can just be like another good thing." 

GinaMarie has 'a big mouth'

Her apology

"I got a big mouth sometimes, I gotta keep it shut. I'm from New York."

On being fired from being a beauty pageant coordinator

"It's a real big stab in the heart... I love the kids."

"I understand [her former employer is] an organization, they have to protect themselves, but being with them for so long, I'm not saying to have my back, but... [I only has nice things to say about the organization]."

On her parent's reaction

"They really didn't agree with it, they raised me better than that."

Spencer said some 'unfortunate comments'

His apology

"I said some unfortunate comments I'm very sorry for. I hope I didn't offend anybody out there [...] That's all I can say about it. I said some stupid things."

"Sometimes my jokes are poor, and that absolutely was a grand prime example of my bad jokes."

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