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Here's a lesson for everyone after Beyoncé was nearly pulled off stage by a fan in Brazil yesterday: No, you cannot touch Beyoncé at a Beyoncé concert.  

While performing in São Paulo, she was reaching down to fans while singing "Irreplaceable," when one of those fans jumped up and tried to pull her down into the crowd. A security guard rescued her, and she barely missed a beat while continuing the song. Because, duh, she's Beyoncé and completely infallable. As she finished the song she asked to meet the man. "Thank you, I love you too," she said, while nodding to him. 

This is just one of a couple of viral mishaps Beyoncé has had on her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour since it began in April. Back in May, a fan slapped Beyoncé's butt during her show in Copenhagen—also when she was singing "Irreplaceable," a song in which she asks for audience participation. This was not the kind of participation she bargained for and she told the man she would have him "escorted out." 

And, of course, there was that time her hair got caught in a fan

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