Bethenny Frankel May Be in Trouble

Today in show business news: Bethenny Frankel's new talk show isn't doing so well, Sons of Anarchy is a huge hit though, and Downton Abbey gets ready to rule Britain all over again.

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Today in show business news: Bethenny Frankel's new talk show isn't doing so well, Sons of Anarchy is a huge hit though, and Downton Abbey gets ready to rule Britain all over again.

The rollercoaster that is reality star turned walking brand Bethenny Frankel's career may be heading for a drop. Her new talk show, called Bethenny for some mysterious reason, premiered on Monday to not-so-great numbers. And then, on Tuesday, it took another dip. As Deadline puts it, ratings-wise Bethenny "was off by a tenth in each category from its so-so premiere." That's not a good sign. It's not a terrible sign, some second-show dip was to be expected, it always is. But this can't continue. She needs some kind of bump or the future of her fledgling talk show may be seriously in trouble. If her show does get canceled, what comes next for Bethenny Frankel? Another Bravo show? Is she done with that whole road? The fact of the matter is, she probably doesn't need to do anything if she finds herself out of a job. She's made such a fortune off her margarita drinks that she could probably sit back, drink a few, and, I dunno, raise her kid in peace and quiet for the next twenty years. That's probably not what she wants to do, but she could. Which is nice! That is probably a nice option to have. To work solely because you want to. We should all be so lucky! [Deadline]

On the opposite end of the ratings spectrum, FX's Sons of Anarchy premiered its penultimate season last night and it was a boffo success. The show averaged 5.87 million viewers in its initial broadcast, with a strong showing in the all-important (meaning, the only ones who matter) 18-49 demographic. What's more is that, according to The Hollywood Reporter, once DVR and On Demand viewings and whatnot are factored in, "the network expects the episode will rank as the top-rated single telecast in FX history." In its sixth season! That is impressive. I guess people just really love this show. Funny that a network primarily aimed at dudes would have success with a series about a tough biker gang and their gnarly adventures. What about that premise appeals to men who watch Anger Management and Justified? I just don't get. (Though, to be fair, with shows like The Americans and American Horror Story flourishing on the network, it may be tough to argue that FX is still a network for guys. I mean, it's no Esquire Network.) Whatever the reason, Sons of Anarchy is a big deal for the network. Too bad it's ending next year. Maybe a spin-off is in order? [The Hollywood Reporter]

Speaking of cultishly watched shows, we now know when it will be time to block all your British friends on Twitter and Facebook and, I don't know, Habbo? (I hope for your sake you don't have any friends on Habbo, or have Habbo at all.) The date is September 22. That's when ITV will debut the fourth season of Downton Abbey in Britain, meaning you can either figure out some illegal download or cover your ears and go la-la-la-la until the show premieres on PBS in January. It's hard to endure the wait, so we wish you luck. Though, all you have to do is ignore all of Britain. How hard can that be? You didn't pay attention to Girls Aloud, so now just don't pay attention to this. You can do it! [Deadline]

Speaking of Downton Abbey, one of that show's stars has landed a plum movie role. Jessica Brown Findlay, who [SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT] played Lady Sybil on the show until she croaked last season, will play the female lead in Frankenstein, a new version of the tale told from Igor's perspective. Brown Findlay will play a trapeze artist who is rescued by Daniel Radcliffe's Igor and the two grow close. James McAvoy is playing Dr. Frankenstein, while Austin Mahone is currently in talks to play the monster. (No, just kidding, but you should post that on Habbo to freak all your friends out.) [The Hollywood Reporter]

And speaking of British drama, ABC has bought a pitch for a show about "a regular girl who falls in love with the heir of a political dynasty, becoming a modern-day princess. But what seems like a fairytale quickly unravels. The plot echoes the real-life story of Britain’s Princess Diana." Oh my. And after the warm reception Diana got just last week. What good timing! Look, this good be interesting, something like the strange and canceled-too-soon Kings, or it could be a disaster, like, well, Diana. We'll have to wait and see. [Deadline]

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