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True Breaking Bad fans take note: you can actually own a piece of the show once it ends. Sony Pictures Entertainment is auctioning off props from the show via, Michael Cieply of the New York Times reported. Though you'll have to wait to start bidding until September 29 when the final episode airs, 171 items are already online. (Others, according to Cieply are being withheld for spoiler-y reasons.)

As for the merch? Yes, you can try to win Walter White's copy of Leaves of Grass for a starting bid of $3,000 or his hazmat suit starting at $1,500, but you can also bid on some more reasonable items. Here are some of the best deals.   

Hank's Hospital Gown

Recover from your medical emergency just like Hank did. Starting bid of $10.

Walt's Beige Jacket

For a night out on the town when you're not cooking meth. Starting bid of $10

Badger's Gray and Purple Hat

Wear it when you think you have written some really great Star Trek fanfic. Starting bid of $10

Teddy Bear Eyeball 

Creep your friends out with this single eyeball from the teddy bear that fell into Walt's pool. Starting bid $10. (Note, there's another one going for $300 so this could be a real steal.)


Gus Fring Superlab Hazmat Suit

Put this on when you're feeling really evil. Starting bid $10

Marie's Mug

It's purple. Starting bid $10

Brown Rock 

Yup. Starting bid $10

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