Benedict Cumberbatch Heads Into the Jungle

Today in show business news: Beloved Benedict Cumberbatch is going on a mission into the Amazon, Michelle Williams takes on Broadway, and Dancing with the Stars has a new class of dancers.

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Today in show business news: Beloved Benedict Cumberbatch is going on a mission into the Amazon, Michelle Williams takes on Broadway, and Dancing with the Stars has a new class of victims dancers.

Sending worry into the hearts of many a fangirl (and boy), beloved Benedict "Eggs" Cumberbatch has decided to head into the Amazon jungle in search of a lost city of gold. Oh but don't worry, it's just pretend, it's a make-'em-up. He's signed on to star in the movie adaptation of David Grann's engrossing nonfiction account of Amazon expeditions gone wrong, The Lost City of Z. Cumberbatch will play Percy Fawcett in the James Gray-directed film, the doomed English explorer who set off into the jungle in 1925 in search of El Dorado and was never seen again. It's quite a tale, sad but exciting, and Cumberbatch, with his posh British regalness peppered with the right amount of pomposity, should fit the role well. But fear not, Cumberbitches (this is what they've chosen to call themselves, I'm afraid). He will return. He'll leave poor old Percy out there in the woods and then return as Benedict to woo you in something else. [Deadline]

This news came about last night, but it's important enough to talk about now. Michelle Williams, Dawson's not Destiny, is set to play Sally Bowles in the Roundabout's Broadway revival of Cabaret. It's a role that many a famous actress has tackled on stage, among them Jennifer Jason Leigh, Molly Ringwald, Teri Hatcher, Gina Gershon, and of course the late great Natasha Richardson, who originated the role in the last Roundabout revival of the show. Can Williams pull it off? Well, we saw her sing a little in My Week with Marilyn and she did just fine, so that's a good sign. But this is a bigger, louder role in some ways, she's really gotta fill an auditorium, and I'm having a hard time picturing dainty Michelle Williams, all milky and demure, doing that. But I'm sure the Roundabout knows what it's doing. I mean, if Brooke Shields can do it, Michelle Williams can. Right? No one will ever beat Judi Dench, though. [The New York Times]

The cast of the 379th season of ABC's Dancing with the Stars was announced today, and it's your usual assortment of saddos and washups, with a few people who seem too big to be stooping to this. Leah Remini could probably just do another TV series instead of this, couldn't she? And isn't Snooki rich enough? And what about Bill Nye the Science Guy? He's supposed to be a respectable intellectual! Other cast members, well, yeah, OK. What else is Elizabeth Berkeley up to? Plus, she's a dancer! We've seen her dance before! (In this, pervs.) And Corbin Bleu could probably use a few bucks after TBL: The Beautiful Life. Mostly it's just surprising that this show is still on the air. Who's watching it? I blame moms, and even some grandmoms. Stop it, moms and grandmoms! The nation is weary of this show. Find something else, ladies. [Entertainment Weekly]

Also, ladies, and gays: Stop listening to Katy Perry! You've given her her eighth number one hit. Her new single "Roar" has risen to the top of the Billboard charts, joining seven other technically despicable but undeniably catchy Katy Perry songs. And that's too many. It's just too many. I know it's impossible not to listen, utterly impossible, but just try. For all of us. [Vulture]

Here is a strange trailer for a movie called Best Man Down, starring Justin Long. It is a comedy about a guy whose best man dies right after his wedding? Or it is a drama about that? It is hard to tell! What a weird movie. What a weird premise for a movie. Shouldn't Justin Long be doing bigger, better things than this? What's happening to Justin Long? Why have people rejected him? He's so likable! Everyone go watch Going the Distance and tell me he shouldn't be a bigger movie star. Go. I'll wait. I'll watch this trailer over and over again trying to figure out what it is while you go watch that movie. Go on.

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