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The Walking Dead is about to get deader. (Is that a thing?) AMC announced that it is developing a "companion series" to the show. Yes, more zombies, more apocalypse, more of the same idea. Just don't call it a spin-off, OK? This is going to be a whole new cast of characters and a whole different story. Well, as different as any two stories about dead people shuffling around hunting for brains can be.

This is the network's second spin-off in development in so many weeks. Just last week Breaking Bad fans rejoiced that Saul Goodman's Better Call Saul series got the greenlight.

There aren't many details about The Walking Dead II: The Revenge other than that it will take place in the same "universe" (as the geeks like to call it) as The Walking Dead, which, not incidentally is the highest rated program in the 18-to-49 demographic that advertisers crave like Carl craves a warm embrace from a maternal figure. According to the press release AMC put out, Robert Kirkman will be creating and executive producing the show with Gale Anne Hurd and David Alpert. It will have nothing to do with Kirkman's comic series that inspired the show.

So, what could it possibly be about? Is it going to be a dialog-free program from the zombie's point of view? Is it going to be about another group of wanderers, maybe in New England who barely even notice that something has happened to their slow-moving, stiff neighbors? Will they all be trapped under a dome? Is it going to be Walking Dead: The Wrath of Khan? Who knows.

It does seem that spin-off fever is the result of the network's last few original programs, Hell on Wheels, The Killing, and Low Winter Sun, failing to gain traction either critically or commercially. Just like movie studios, they seem to be going with sure bet sequels rather than risking new ventures even as Breaking Bad and Mad Men sail toward their twilight. We can't wait to collectively ignore the Low Winter Sun spin-off Cold Grey Sky. Wait, wasn't that The Killing?

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