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The 'Big Brother' finale is Wednesday night. All three of the finalists are going to need the $500,000 prize, because they've all been fired for racist things they've done on the show. GinaMarie Zimmerman was fired from her job as a pageant coordinator in July for using the n-word, among other things. Spencer Clawson was fired from his job as a train conductor in July for praising Hitler and making jokes about child pornography.

Now, with just three days left in the house, Andy Herren, one of the least objectionable houseguests this summer, was fired from his job as a public speaking teacher, seemingly for supporting all the racism in the house, including a statement Zimmerman made calling the evicted contestants "robotic biracials." The three have been in an alliance they named "the Exterminators." Heavy on the "terminator" part, it seems.

All three (and head racist in charge Aaryn Gries who was booted from her modeling agency for a string of racist remarks which she later denied saying even though they were on tape and broadcast to the entire world over the Internet) have been kept away from news from the outside world since joining the show, so there's going to be some pretty rude awakenings after the game concludes. No matter who takes the prize, they're all losers.

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