You Can Watch All the Sex in the 'Masters of Sex' Pilot

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Showtime uploaded its new show Masters of Sex on YouTube yesterday. You might be into the story of researchers William Masters and Virginia Johnson. Or you may be interested in it because, well, sex.

For all you pervs out there, we've done you a service and compiled all the instances of sex in the pilot, which those who pay for Showtime can also watch when it debuts on Sunday, September 29.

That said, there are six instances of sexual encounters in this hour long show—and some boobs thrown around here or there: 

  • Three minutes in. Low, red light. An unknown man has sex with prostitute Betty DiMello (Annaleigh Ashford) from behind, as William Masters (Michael Sheen) watches through a peep hole. 
  • 11 minutes in. William Masters and his wife has sex in her single bed. (They sleep in separate beds like old fashioned TV sitcom characters.) He doesn't look at her as they try to conceive. 
  • 25 minutes in. Virginia Johnson (Lizzy Caplan) and doctor Ethan Haas (Nicholas D'Agosto) are in bed together naked. She encourages him to perform oral sex on her and he does.
  • 27 minutes in. Johnson and Haas are in bed naked kissing. 
  • 33 minutes in. Masters affixes electrodes to DiMello's naked chest. 
  • 39 minutes in. Naked female test subject, Jane Martin (Heléne York), masturbates with electrodes affixed to her. 
  • 43 minutes in. Robed Martin masturbates with "Ulysses," a dildo with a camera that Masters has invented.  
  • 57 minutes in. Martin and male test subject Dr. Austin Langham (Teddy Sears) have sex, attached to electrodes, while Masters and Johnson watch.  

But note, the sex in the show isn't really that sexy. Unlike, say Game of Thrones where naked women writhe in the background of a scene, this is a show that takes sex very seriously (which seems to be how it got by YouTube's anti-boob rules). In a way, you're kind of meant to regard sex as Masters and Johnson might, with a clinical eye.

Watch the entire pilot here

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