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We're obviously not worried about the career trajectory of Bryan Cranston following the end of Breaking Bad, but Aaron Paul's future is a little more up in the air. Today the trailer for his film Need for Speed came out and, well, it's not good. (Need for Speed could have been an alternate title for Breaking Bad, if you think about it.) Here the man who would be Jesse Pinkman is a super serious street racer out for revenge. A pretty girl! A moody voiceover! Fast cars! Cars on fire! Remind you of something? Drive perhaps? It's probably not that good. The Fast and the Furious franchise, maybe? That's what this movie looks like, okay? Also, it's based on a video game. Good luck with the rest of your life, Mr. Paul.

Still, don't exactly rule Paul out yet. He's got a part on Ridley Scott's big epic Exodus and has a Nick Hornby adaptation due out. Meanwhile, Cranston is playing Dalton Trumbo and doing more How I Met Your Mother.

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