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We've officially reached the point where movie stars have to fear for their lives when they sign on to new projects. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Universal was so worried about Charlie Hunnam, their new Christian Grey, that they hired extra security to protect him during last week's Sons of Anarchy premiere. Fans are also "swarming" the show's set with Fifty Shades clenched tightly in their sweaty hands, possibly to stone him to death if he gets too close.

The petition to replace Hunnam as Grey (possibly with fan favorite Matt Bomer, of White Collar) has over 80,000 signatures. And while it's fine for fans to be upset about movie castings, thing have gotten a little out of hand. When Warner Bros. has to sit down Ben Affleck — a man whose Gigli is ridiculed to this day — and emotionally prep him for dealing with cyber bullies, that's when the Internet has crossed a line. Fifty Shades of Grey hasn't even started filming yet — let's put the pitchforks back in the shed until it does. 

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