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Warner Bros. isn't shying away from an unhappy ending. The studio bought the film rights to the 40 Days of Dating blog—which recently revealed that 40 days of dating a friend does not necessarily end in a relationship—and has enlisted director Michael Sucsy of The Vow and writer Lorene Scafaria of Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist to bring it to the screen. 

We already knew that the couple Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman was on their way to Hollywood after they signed with CAA, and apparently they were hot stuff, according to Michael Fleming Jr. of Deadline. Now the trick is how this is executed. Walsh and Goodman's blog, which chronicled their time dating and following the rules they had set out for one another, was gorgeous but also somewhat obnoxious when you really thought about it. It would be great if the film could have a meta take on the project, taking a critical eye to Walsh and Goodman's decision to undertake this project in the first place. That's probably too much to ask of Hollywood though. But can we at least demand that Aubrey Plaza play Walsh?

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