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After nearly 40 days of painful waiting for the 40 Days of Dating duo's big reveal, the very last post on their beautiful blog went up and the couple has, sadly, broken up. The experiment — to see if two friends could force love in 40 days with 40 dates — has failed. For those who managed to stay unaware: Jessica and Tim got into a big fight at Disney World. Tim was Just Not Into Jessica, who had seemingly fallen very much in love with Tim. The last post leaves them bidding each other adieu after the cab ride back from the airport. They also made a painful video in which they read their last posts. During the last few minutes a bright red Tim says sorry to a pouty Jessica, while James Blake plays in the background. And then, the whole thing is over. 

The break-up felt kind of obvious, at least for some of us. The majority of people who voted on the blog's Are They Together questionnaire, however, thought (or hoped?) the couple worked out their differences:

But all along, the relationship felt one-sided, destined to doom. And, we have to say, it's pretty encouraging that it didn't work out in the end. This narcissistic experiment proved that love isn't something two people can force with crafts projects and an admittedly very beautiful blog. Also, should the movie-version — yes, the project is on its way to a possible movie deal — go with this ending, it will make for a more interesting film. Of course, unless this turns into a Woody Allen movie, we assume Hollywood will take some poetic license and give us a boring happily-ever-after version. 

Our condolences to Jessica on the break-up. But, hopefully she has gotten over it and found someone better since the April Disney trip. 

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