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Deadline reported last night that Disney was moving Marvel's Ant-Man from November to 2015 to July 31, 2015, which means if you thought this summer was heavy on superhero flicks and franchise films, just wait until 2015. That leaves the film featuring an untested superhero with a funny name (and a controversial past) to debut in the shadow of Warner Bros. Batman vs. Superman out July 17. But the superhero face off, is just the beginning of what Drew Taylor at The Playlist is calling "the insane clusterf*ck" of that summer. 

Other movies already on the slate for the summer include another Terminator movie, due out June 26, the Independence Day sequel, due out July 3, and the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean movie, due out July 10. And don't forget, the summer will kick off with The Avengers: Age of Ultron in May. Some movies that have yet to receive release dates, but are supposedly due out in the year include Star Wars Episode VII and Jurassic Park IV, though they might choose to get in on the fall box office. (Update: As of Tuesday evening Pirates has been delayed.)

The two problems with the box office this summer, as defined by Tatiana Siegel and Kim Masters in The Hollywood Reporter last week, involved too much money spent on too many movies released in a short time of one another. They called it the summer of "the redwood forest — too many giants planted closely together." Siegel and Masters do report that studios are finding a way to cut down on budgets for their blockbusters. Warner Bros., for instance, is shooting Batman vs. Superman in Michigan to capitalize on incentives. But, according to Siegel and Masters, the too-crowded field "won't be addressed for some time." That's certainly clear when it comes to 2015. 

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