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Woody Allen is doing something he almost never does: acting in someone else's film. Though the first trailer for John Turturro's Fading Gigolo indicates that the rhythms are still very Woody Allen-y. Even though he's playing a pimp. 

The premise seems fairly simple: Allen plays a bookstore owner who gets the idea to pimp out his friend, played by Turturro, to lonely women, including Sharon Stone and Sofia Vergara. Presumably they all learn something about love and friendship in the end. 

In some ways, the movie looks more classically Woody Allen-ish than Blue Jasmine, his most recent work as a directorFading Gigolo seems to exist, based on the trailer anyway, in Allen's cerebral, quirky New York of a different era; Blue Jasmine is all doom and gloom in San Francisco.  Clearly something about this material spoke to Allen, as he rarely works as just an actor. His last such gigs were in 2000, appearing in two films that year, one of which was Alfonso Arau's Picking Up The Pieces. Coincidentally, that movie also starred Sharon Stone. 

Fading Gigolo will screen at the Toronto International Film Festival in the Special Presentations sidebar. 

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