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In 2010, Prince famously told The Mirror that "the Internet is completely over" and proclaimed that "all these computers and digital gadgets are no good." Three years later, the Purple One has begun tweeting. This is what it sounds like when luddites cry. Might you say he's gonna party like it's 2009? (Sorry.)

The Twitter account for Prince's group, @3rdeyegirl, has been active for some months now, but the funk star himself apparently never tweeted until yesterday, when this bombshell arrived:

Apparently treating Twitter like some befuddling soundcheck, he followed it up with "PRINCE'S 2ND TWEET." By his third, he'd joined the masses by figuring out how to tweet pictures of his meals. Bravo! It's unclear, however, if he'll ever top his "1st selfie."

Joining the twitterati in the middle of 2013, Prince finds himself facing an unusual challenge: can he top the various Prince parody accounts that have been sending 140-character missives of wisdom in the Funky One's absence? The best of the bunch is @PrinceTweets2U, which has racked up more than 78,000 followers with cryptic, delightfully Prince-like dispatches such as :

When the (apparently real) Prince announced "hi im prince," the (apparently fake) Prince promptly replied, "hi me 2." At press time, Prince 1 had not replied back to Prince 2. But aren't we all Prince inside when you think about it?

Here's the song snippet the official Prince account also premiered:

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