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Fast food workers across the country are walking off the job to protest for a higher minimum wage, and, of course, Fox News is on it. "If you think about it, [Fox News] also works along the same business model as the fast food industry," John Oliver said. "They sell you something that looks appetizing, but leaves you feeling nauseous for hours and hours afterward."

There was a lot of Fox News commentary for Oliver to parse, including an anchor who argued that, if the Obama economy was better McDonalds would voluntarily raise minimum wage — "Because that's how capitalism works," Oliver added — but Neil Cavuto took the cake in his Old Fogey Alert. Cavuto started off by saying his comments weren't going to be demo friendly, but as Oliver said, Cavuto can't joke that sounding like a cranky old man isn't demo friendly. "You must be well aware that the median age of the Fox News audience is over 65 years old," Oliver said. "How much older? Well, no one knows because — and this is true — Nielsen stops counting at 65. 

The gist of Cavuto's story was that he worked his way up the ladder at Arthur Treacher's, a fast food restaurant, at the tender age of 16. If he could make it while only earning $2/hour, what was stopping everyone else? "Apparently, working at Arthur Treacher's was the last job that Cavuto was actually qualified for, because he is certainly not qualified for his current position as a financial analyst." Cavuto's $2/hour minimum wage in the 1970s would, with inflation, be $9.47/hour today. 

The moral of the story for fast food workers is that, if they happen to be in a position to serve food to a Fox News anchor, well... "I'm not saying you should give them the special sauce," Oliver said. "I'm just saying, I think it's pretty clear they deserve it."



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