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The world has been a scary, scary place since quarterback Tim Tebow entered our lives, but that may all be over now that his professional football career has potentially come to an end. According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the New England Patriots released Tim Tebow on Saturday. 

The Christian boy scout quarterback never had a chance of starting in New England. That job belongs to Tom Brady, he of many Super Bowls, dashing good looks and a supermodel wife, and will belong to him until the rapture destroys the earth. So Tebow was left to fight with Ryan Mallett for the number two spot behind Brady. In his last preseason game, Tebow actually played well -- completing six-of-11 passes for 91 yards, two touchdowns and one interception. But that wasn't enough to displace Mallett, the Patriots' third round pick out of Arkansas in the 2011 draft. 

The signing was questionable in the first place. It seemed the NFL's Tebow era had come to a close -- the breathless tabloid coverage, the never-ending mentions on ESPN, the fashion magazine photo spreads -- after he was released by the New York Jets. But Bill Belichick, the evil genius, decided to pick up the former Florida standout quarterback just to see what he could do. Now that experiment has yielded its results, and they've come back negative. This GIF is all we have left: 

Does this mean the devil has won in New England? Probably, yeah. Yahoo!'s Dan Wentzel reports Tebow has no plans to quit football, though it's unclear what exactly happens next: 

If he isn't scooped up this coming week, he can certainly wait out the inevitable wave of injuries and hope that teams in need of depth call him in the weeks to come. Maybe that works. He could also have a future in the Canadian Football League, where a more wide-open style of play might be a good fit for his run/pass combo style. 

The idea of Tebow playing in Canada seems to be a popular one, because it would surely be hilarious, but it's not a perfect fit: 

And, predictably, the reaction on social media has been less than kind to the poor 26-year-old: 

We never got some juicy scandal out of this whole thing. It's hard to not feel sad, or disappointed, that this may all be over without one. Godspeed, sir: may you land on your feet somewhere, perhaps with a better throwing motion. 

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