There Is Going to Be So Much More 'Avatar'

Today in show business news: James Cameron wants three more Avatar movies, American Idol makes a surprising decision, and another look at the next Thor.

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Today in show business news: James Cameron wants three more Avatar movies, American Idol makes a surprising decision, and another look at the next Thor.

Oy. Filmmaker and likely lunatic James Cameron has hired three writers to write three new Avatar films. Yes. Three. We knew that there would be more Avatar movies, but for the longest time it was only supposed to be two. But nope. Now it's three. Bringing the grand total of Avatar films to four, which is about a three and a half more Avatars than there should be. The guy who wrote War of the Worlds (the remake, dummies) will write one. Then there's the duo who wrote Rise of the Planet of the Apes doing another. And then there's a guy who doesn't have many credits but he's worked with Cameron before, so I guess they know each other. Three more Avatar movies! How about that. What will they be about? Oh, lord only knows. In the first sequel, everyone from the first movie has a fun, sexy summer at a lake somewhere and everyone realizes they're a little older and things have changed? And then in the next one Jake and Neytiri get married, and isn't that crazy that they're getting married. Finally in the fourth movie, which comes out years and years later, everyone goes to a reunion and it's all sad and everyone's really old and the movie keeps trying to reference jokes from the first Avatar as if we all remember them. Oh, and of course they continue to rape dragons throughout. They will always be hair-raping dragons, don't worry. So, are you excited? For all the Avatars? You should be. Because boy are there going to be a lot of Avatars. [Deadline]

Speaking of things we don't need more of, Keith Urban has been asked back as a judge on American Idol. Huh? They get rid of Randy, Nicki, and Mariah, and they keep Keith? That is absurd. What did he offer the show? I guess there was the country element, maybe country fans tuned in to see him, but there are many other country singers who would probably make way more interesting judges. So what's going on here? I have to imagine that he begged them. Right? Something along the lines of, "Please, please, I need this job. I need to stay in LA. You have no idea what it's like back in Tennessee, on the farm with Nicole. She's so mean to me. So mean..." And then he broke down in sobs and the Fox execs could only make out snippets of what he said next, but they heard things about "the root cellar," "stinging nettles," "the gray room where I'm not allowed," "old dolls' heads," and "the rug beater." So they finally said "Jesus, jeez, OK, OK, you can come back. Stop crying on my paint leg." That's got to be what happened, right? There is no other explanation. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Fox just can't get rid of anyone! Mary Lynn Rajskub will be returning to the weird, rebooted 24 when that happens next year, once again playing Chloe, the nimble computer whiz and systems analyst who snarkily helps Jack Bauer on his missions. Hopefully, amidst all that, there will be some time for Rajskub to answer for her crimes. Which crimes? I mean this crime. And this crime. (I mean, Barrett Foa is not a crime, unless bein' a hunk is a crime, but you know what I mean.) And, most of all, more than anything else in the world, this terrible, horrible, very bad crime. Those people are all her fault! And she must answer for that. For starting that whole terrible snarky lab tech thing. Because it is awful. I'm sorry, Mary Lynn. You seem great. But it is time to pay for what you've done. [Deadline]

Here is a new poster for Thor: The Dark World, the sequel to Avatar, I mean Thor. It's quite exciting! I like the old-timey-ness of it. It looks like a Star Wars poster, with all the various stuff happening and characters facing every which way. Well, to be fair, it also looks like an Iron Man poster. Marvel's been pretty good with their poster art throughout this whole crazy franchise. What a thing. Anyway, I'm kind of surprised to see Natalie Portman featured so prominently in name and image on this one. Because I was kind of under the impression that she dies early on in this movie. No, no, that's not a spoiler. I didn't read anything anywhere. It's just something I intuited from the trailer. Something about it. I mean, there's this whole facial expression. Looks bad for her. But hey, maybe not! Anyway, here's the poster. Enjoy looking at it.

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