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One movie theater chain in the UK is doing its darndest to help adults deal with the scourge of One Direction fans.

VUE Entertainment told Deadline's Nancy Tartaglione that it is providing earplugs in each of their 82 locations for parents accompanying children to see the One Direction documentary One DirectionThis Is Us 3D. The chain has ordered 20,000 pairs to "ensure that accompanying chaperones can enjoy the film without being worried by the high-levels of expected screaming and shouting in the auditoriums." 

It's a nice sentiment. In fact, earplugs are a wise tactic for adults at any event associated with One Direction: note the use of earplugs among the "Dads of the One Direction Concert"

The film is, somewhat ironically, directed by Morgan Spurlock, the documentarian behind films like Super Size Me and The Greatest Movie Ever Sold. Not that he provided any surprises. "If anyone could have given us an inside look at the guys in the band, it's a subversive filmmaker like Spurlock," Chris Nashawaty wrote at Entertainment Weekly. "But This Is Us comes off as an impersonal job for hire — a paycheck assignment. Spurlock seems too scared to bite the hands that are feeding him (although he claims he didn't have final cut)."  

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