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The new, full trailer for the upcoming Princess Diana biopic Diana, starring Naomi Watts, gives us a humanizing portrait of the People's Princess: Diana is just a normal woman in love, struggling in the glare of the very not-normal public eye. It all seems a little mundane, and looks more like a Lifetime movie than, say, The Queen

The trailer suggests that the film will mostly focus on Diana's relationship with British-Pakistani heart surgeon Hasnat Khan. Diana looks to follow the storyline that Khan, who Diana called "Mr. Wonderful," was indeed the princess' true love, and that Dodi Fayed, who died with her in the Paris car crash, was a side note of the greater romance. Naveen Andrews of Lost plays Khan. 

Though this is just a trailer, the film doesn't seem particularly nuanced from this brief glimpse. Perhaps that's why—even though there is inevitable Oscar talk surrounding Watts—the film does not have a U.S. release date yet. 

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