Taylor Swift Knows a Secret

Today in celebrity gossip: Taylor Swift knows one of pop music's biggest secrets, Martha Stewart is outed as Martha Stewart, and Steven Spielberg makes some home movies. 

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Taylor Swift, the biggest thing to happen to the Reading, PA area since The Pagoda, knows something you probably don't. She recently did a duet performance with none other than Carly Simon, be-hatted troubadouress of the 1970s and '80s, and the two did a backstage interview afterward in which Simon intimated that Swift knows that long-speculated-about identity of the man Simon is addressing in her biggest hit, "You're So Vain." The two played coy and nether spilled any beans, but Taylor Swift knows. She knows, guys. Isn't that frustrating? It's certainly frustrating for the folks at TMZ, who filmed a whole video discussing how annoying it is that Taylor Swift knows this, that Carly Simon entrusted her with this information, when T.Swift is such a known blabbermouth. Though, hm, is she? Just because she writes confessional songs about exes, is she a blabbermouth? I don't really get TMZ's issue with Taylor Swift. And thankfully one of the staff members expresses similar befuddlement in the video. Can't Taylor Swift do things? Is she not allowed to do things? I guess not. I don't know. Taylor Swift is silly, but you can laugh at her silliness without being mean about it. Can't you? Eh, maybe not. Still. The fact remains that Taylor Swift knows. She knows. Good god, she knows. [TMZ]

Here are some bombshell quotes about Martha Stewart that Page Six brings to our attention to this morning: Martha Stewart "doesn’t trust anybody and she has to control everything." "Martha’s an omnivore. She just wants more, more, more." "She has however many houses." "Even though she has a million pieces of garden ornaments, she buys more garden ornaments." "Even though she has a million trees, she buys more trees." OK, some of that might all be part of one quote, but still. Martha Stewart wants to control everything?? I never would have guessed. Also, yes, she does own however many houses. I believe it's several houses that Martha Stewart owns. As for her being an omnivore, where do you think Omnimedia came from? And with regard to lawn ornaments and trees, and her neverending hunger for more of both? Um, duh. Just a big ol' duh to that one. A few of the however many houses that Martha Stewart owns are made of garden ornaments and/or trees. It's just how she does. So, none of these quotes are particularly "revealing," as Page Six says they are. They're just Martha Stewart being Martha Stewart. [Page Six]

Justin Bieber did some more clubbing in New York City on Tuesday night, hanging at 1Oak with Rita Ora, that singer or whatever she does. So this is really no big deal, but there is at least something funny about how, in the Page Six item about this clubgoing, Bieber is described as "the often shirtless star." Ha. The often shirtless. Aren't we all often shirtless? I mean, like when we're changing or showering or whatever? I feel like shirtlessness is a frequent enough state for all people for us all to be accurately described as "often shirtless." But Bieber gets the descriptor because he has often been shirtless in public. There's the difference. So while we are all often pantsless too, let's hope none of us are ever described as "often pantsless," because it means we've been doing some pretty embarrassing things. [Page Six]

Here are some funny/weird photos of Steven Spielberg, greatest American film director of his age, shooting some home movies while on vacation on an enormous yacht in Portofino. He's seen happily filming two young men doing some sort of swordplay routine. Well one has a sword, the other appears to be tied up? (It's innocent, guys. It's innocent.) And then he's filming some kayakers. What is this for, Steven? What do you need this footage for? And when are you going to watch it, really? When does anyone watch home movies they film on vacation, but especially Steven Spielberg? Who knows! It's a mystery. But it's nice that he's still doing the small stuff, isn't it? After all that, he's just got a little handheld camera and some kids with a sword. On a $200 million in the Italian Riviera, but still. [Daily Mail]

Well, this is good. The cocktail of drugs being given to Amanda Bynes while she's in a mental health facility appears to be working, her mood stabilizing without angry outbursts or anything. It's early yet, but that's progress. Hopefully she comes out of this thing OK. She still wants to get out of the hospital, but it seems unlikely that she'll be able to leave just yet, which is probably for the best. So. Good, right? It's good. [TMZ]

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