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Suri Cruise, fashionable seven-year old and daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, wears high heels. She's been doing so since she was three. And that, apparently, has caused a bunch of other little girls to want them, too. The New York Times's Style section reports this week that high-heels-for-little-girls is no longer a Hollywood trend, but a mainstream one, thanks to Suri.

The thing is, ABC News said the same thing in 2010. So did CBS. And the Daily Mail in 2012. News outlets have been reporting a trend of girls wearing heels for at least three years now, and all of them blame Suri, a very visible little girl who wears high heels. Her mother explained back in 2010 that Suri, "like every little girl," loved Mom's high heels and just wanted a pair of her own. 

New York's The Cut chimed in today, reporting that "Suri has spawned an army of mini-trendsetters who are demanding pint-sized stilettos." Maybe there is this army somewhere (Steve Madden, Michael Kors, and Stuart Weitzman all make heels for kids now), but it's hardly Suri's fault.

Think about it: she's not on TV. She doesn't have a hit single. She's not an Olympic gymnast or soccer player. There's no way little girls know who she is, let alone want to mimic her. The only place they'd learn about her is by reading tabloids, which most six-year-olds can't do. So let's go back to blaming Miley Cyrus for all of this. Or better yet, chill out about this latest non-trend. At least they're not getting face tattoos. Yet.

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